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It prefers bright, indirect light and thrives in average potting soil or cacti mix. Though succulents tend to be very drought tolerant, this tropical native prefers a steady watering schedule, especially in late fall and winter during its blooming season. To encourage more growth, plant it in a hanging container that allows its limbs to drape. Giving a green gift to your loved ones is one of the most unique ways to show your appreciation.

Before, venturing into ordering plants online, one must realize in selecting the right online store. Winni is one of the best stores that provide a plethora range of plants for home delivery in India. Whether you are seeking good luck plants, indoor or outdoor, we have covered all types so that you can shop in a breeze.

3) These plants will give a facelift to any home decor because of them being planted in stylish and elegant pots. I was much excited for the delivery of the products on time . The Delivery was on time and the product is same as shown. Totally satisfied and very much happy with the team igp.

And the good news is, sending Plant cadeau is just as easy as sending flowers—in fact, many of your favorite flower delivery services also sell and deliver live houseplants, too. Plants can be the best gifts for all flora lovers especially women, irrespective of their ages! But gifting can seem to be difficult when our loved ones are away from us, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s possible to personalise your order with individual cards or pot stickers for a minimum order quantity. For more details, please fill the contact form, mentioning the number of gifts and budget for each and we will get back to you with a feasible solution. We ship to over 2500 locations in India, it might take time but we most probably deliver to you. Delivery to metro cities takes about 3-5 days and other locations may take upto 7-8 days.

They are great at absorbing Carbon Dioxide at night; they can quickly grow in less water and moderate sunshine. Bamboo plants are a symbol of good luck and prosperity and make a perfect gift for every occasion. Certain traditional beliefs say that Bonsai Plantsnever dies, just like our soul never dies. A Bonsai symbolizes harmony, good luck, patience, and balance. The Xanadu plant clears toxins from the air and looks great at the balconies and entrances. They provide a spotless and fresh look to the area where they are kept.

Our priority is our customers and the quality of the products we provide. With 5 million customers across the country and fully operating in 600 cities spanning across the country. Select indoor plants from a wide range of varieties at Winni. We make sure the plants are sanitized before being delivered to the respective customer. We believe in educating our customers about the indoor plant they are choosing; we provide information on the symbolism and the benefits of the plant. Bonsai plants are one of the most prized plant gift ideas for weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

If you’re looking to add some character and greenery to your spaces, you can’t go wrong with garden plants, flowers, and trees. Beyond the reward of homegrown produce, garden plants provide health and environmental benefits. Garden plants give you instant access to fresh produce.

For someone who loves to cook, a potted arrangement of herbs would be ideal and is also safe to have around animals and kids. A container of assorted greens is also non-toxic and a useful gift. Other ideas are a mini salsa garden, terrarium, or wall-mounted plant like staghorn fern. One of the nicest and longest lasting gifts is a plant. Plants add natural beauty, go with everything, and even help clean the air. Plant gift giving etiquette should consider the receiver’s care ability, mature size, possible allergies, pet and child toxicity, and more.

Plus, The Sill offers realistic-looking faux plants, if you want something truly unkillable. For a plant lover, beautiful pots always make a great gift—especially when paired with a new plant, too. Poinsettia Plant Poinsettias remain one of the most popular holiday flowers. Hybridizers have expanded the range of colors from the familiar red to pastel yellow and vibrant bi-colors.

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