The majority leader is the second-ranking official in the House

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The leadership of the House is organized into committees. Each committee oversees a specific area, such as healthcare or immigration. The speaker appoints the chairs of these committees and a majority of the members of the Rules Committee. The speaker also determines which committees the House will take up. The members of each party elect one-floor leader, known as the majority leader, and one minority leader, also known as the minority leader. The majority leader is the second-ranking official in the House, and their positions depend on their party’s strength know more by clicking this link

The speaker’s position in the House is highly politicized. During the Reconstruction period, the House leaned heavily towards the North, which was more populous than the South. But, the Republican Party held the majority in the House at different times. This meant that the party controlling the House had the majority in the House but was subordinate to the speaker. The majority leader tended to represent the interests of the majority party, while the minority party was governed by the minority leader.

Several non-member officials serve the House. The chief non-member official of the House is the clerk, who oversees junior officials and prepares documents for the House. The clerk also presides over the House at the beginning of each Congress. Another key position in the House is the chief administrative officer, who is responsible for the day-to-day administrative support of the House. They oversee everything from payroll to food service. They also help the House stay in the public eye.

Speakers are elected by the House to serve as the leaders of each party. The speaker usually takes a low-profile position and defers to the president, but sometimes he chooses to serve as a de facto leader of the opposition. Speakers are more powerful than the minority leaders in the Senate. They can also become a de facto leader of the opposition. Regardless of the position, they are partisan officers who have a considerable influence over House policies.

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