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Mobile car washes offer facilities for washing cars and other automobiles. Some are semi-permanent drive-through units with either fully or partially automated conveyance of your automobile during the process. Damage to your customers’ automobiles is their main exposure since washes and machines can repeatedly break down, pull off wheels, smash windshields, crack glass, and even damage tires. Therefore, in addition to maintaining a fully functional facility, the insurance company will also be shelling out a lot of money towards towing, repairs, replacement of broken glass, and repairing/replacing damaged parts of your automobile.

As for your customers, even the tiniest drop of water on their car, especially if it happens after they’ve come inside to get something, can cost you a fortune. The basic type of auto detailing and mobile car wash insurance coverage that will keep you afloat in this kind of situation is liability insurance. This specific type of commercial insurance coverage will cover you if a customer decides to sue you because of damage to their property. You must have at least $1 million worth of coverage in order to meet the legal requirements. It will also cover you if a customer is injured while in your facility.

There are three different coverage types: general public liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and special commercial insurance. General public liability insurance covers damages that may occur by reason of negligence or substandard performance of services performed by your employees. Professional liability insurance will cover damage caused by errors or omissions of the company’s employees. Special commercial insurance coverage will cover any damage that is inflicted on your customers due to theft, vandalism, or environmental hazards. These three specific types of coverage will vary from place to place so it’s up to you to compile an accurate list of what you need for your mobile detailing and car wash business.

In addition to protecting your customers and workers from lawsuits, purchasing a small business insurance coverage will help protect yourself from losses that may occur from injury or death occurring on your premises. For example, if a customer or worker dies in your mobile car wash or detailing facility, you will need to compensate for their funeral expenses. If an animal damages your property or an employee causes an accident in your facility, you will need to pay for medical bills and lost wages. In the unfortunate event that a person is injured on your property or dies while visiting your mobile car washes and detailing locations, you may be held responsible.

There are many different kinds of coverage policies that protect you against these kinds of scenarios. Coverage comes in various forms, such as collision protection, comprehensive, and liability. Comprehensive coverage pays for any damages caused by storms, fires, vandalism, and other damage that take place on your property. Liability is another common term used when talking about mobile detailing or car washing businesses, and this type of insurance coverage protects you if someone is injured on your property.

If you are just starting out with a mobile car wash and detailing company, you do not need to take the usual “bumps and bumps” that are expected from growing up. Businesses tend to grow at different rates, and growth can present a number of risks. One of those risks is liability exposure, which can include claims from customers or employees who slip and fall or are injured on your property. Another risk is slips and falls that present hazards for workers, who may sustain injuries. A good policy can help you mitigate these risks and keep your business running smoothly, without putting you into legal trouble.

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