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The construction and development industry has been utilizing the services of professional pest management professionals for years. Unfortunately, many building owners were not aware of the value of having a company that provides pre-treatment and post-treatment services on-site before construction begins. When pest control companies begin to perform their job on-site, they realize that there are two major advantages to doing so: (I) reducing the threat of infestation and (ii) offering a more cost-effective method of controlling the termite infestation problem. In many cases, it is impossible to achieve the above objectives with the traditional methods of pest treatment.

Before being implemented by commercial builders, termites would often enter structures through holes made by builders during construction. This scenario presented a huge problem for most builders, as holes left during construction are very difficult to seal and will allow moisture to penetrate into the structure of the home or building in question. In many cases, a hole would be big enough to allow an infestation of around twenty-five percent of the total population of the soil surrounding the home or building. In addition, this twenty-five percent represents one colony of termites! For this reason alone, it was essential for most builders to have access to professional pest control services before construction began on any property.

However, the situation presented by the building and construction is not only limited to the presence of holes. In order to meet the EPA’s stringent regulations regarding the treatment of soil and the protection of the environment, most builders must have a comprehensive pest control plan in place before construction begins. Because pre-construction termite services are not a part of this plan, most builders do not utilize a pest control agent during the building process. The result can be a significant risk to the public’s health and the environment. In addition, without proper pest control methods, the consequences of such negligence can extend to the years after the project is complete and cause severe damage to the surrounding soil.

Before any construction begins, it is absolutely necessary for a building contractor to have sos exterminating and pre-construction termite services available. A qualified and licensed sos exterminator will be skilled and experienced in identifying the exact location of existing colonies and can then minimize the effect of these colonies by using techniques such as the use of pesticides. Furthermore, a licensed sos exterminator will also be able to offer the customer additional techniques to help alleviate pest problems, including the installation of baiting systems and the use of barriers to prevent the entry of ants and other pests. You can get more information about termite control Anthem

While most people are aware of the importance of a licensed sos exterminator offering pre-construction pest control services, there is actually another important reason to choose a licensed contractor over a non-licensed one. With regards to the health of the home owner, the fact is that some ants and other pests pose a serious health risk to occupants. Individuals who have suffered from severe termite bites or have had their homes infested by swarms of winged creatures know firsthand how difficult it can be to suffer from these insects without professional assistance. Many homeowners may simply decide to wait out the termite problem until it is too late, but this decision could prove to be financially devastating. By contracting with a reputable pre-construction termite service, home owners will be less likely to suffer as a result of a termite infestation.

While many pest control companies promote their services using catchy television commercials, the truth is that only a few pest exterminators actually possess the skill and experience required to effectively provide pre-construction termite services. For this reason, it is vital that consumers locate a local licensed sos exterminator to meet their needs. With so many issues that homeowners face regarding termites, it is important that they do not make the mistake of trying to resolve the issue themselves. Instead, when in doubt, call a professional pest control expert to come to the rescue before the situation gets any worse.

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